Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 10 Songs of the Decade (2000's)

In No Particular Order

Usher- You Got It Bad-: Lets be reality, I don’t care what no nigga say…. If you broke up wit ya chick at any point in 2001/02, this was the song that would have u walking around the house looking like ya dog died. When the video dropped and the nigga started moonwalking through the simulated ran… it was a wrap

Nelly– Tip Drill : Does this even need an explanation?? Any song that leads to my two favorite things (controversy and half-naked chicks prancing around) automatically gets a spot. Period.  This video single-handedly led to the extinction of BET UNCUT, which only trails the refrigerator and car as the greatest inventions ever.

50 Cent- In Da Club: This song shut down the radio for the better part of a year… to this day remains one of the most overplayed songs ever (along with Hey Ya and Deborah Cox- How Did You Get Here) and made 50 cent an international icon. And the little Spanish chick kept doing the same move

Alicia Keys- Fallin : If for no reason other than she looked and acted just like my homie Kami D throughout the entire video, this was the song that made me start listening to music made by women. I never did before this song, unless I was stuck in the car with grandma …but this shit was more soulful than a Kanye sample so I had to put it on here.

Sisqo – The Thong Song: For far too long, granny panties were acceptable attire in this country. With one song, Sisqo ushered in a new era of sexy drawers. Booty cheeks had never understood such freedom.When the beat crescendo, I lose my shit every time.

Nas- Ether:  Nas didn’t really spit nothing too crazy on this song but it was hilarious all the way through and is classic for 2 reasons…. 1) He called the nigga Joe Camel, which led to pictures like this one 2) Jay-Z went to Hot 97 the next day and cried on the radio… Best diss track of the decade.

Ray J ft. Lil Kim- Wait A Minute: Don’t get me wrong… Ray J cant sing for shit… and Lil Kim didn’t spit anything noteworthy. But this song has always been a lowkey personal favorite (no homo) and when Kim says ,“Hey wait a minute, ain’t that Brandy’s brother??”  shit was classical. 

Marques Houston- Naked : Best song of 2005… and If you played this shit when you was alone wit ya breezy, it was a given you was getting panty drawers. I wonder if the twins still want Roger to go home.

OG Ron C – Turn Off The Lights (chopped and screwed) :  I feel kinda silly putting a song that initially dropped in 1977 on this list. But the chopped and screwed version of the Teddy Pendergrass classic is a totally different experience. Shit the best song ever to play when you zooted. Too bad the nigga Teddy used to like fucking with them transvestites.

T.I – What You Know : You couldn’t go anywhere in Atlanta without hearing this song in 2006. The beat is bananas, and between this and Shoulder Lean it had the whole city doing the Ric Flair dance.

Friday, December 25, 2009



1.Dress sexy, not slutty. Regardless of how many guys you've actually slept with, perception is everything. No dude is gonna cuff a girl that may have been slayed by half the campus/workplace.
2.Become VERY knowledgable on at least one sport. That way, when a guy wants to watch ESPN(and he will), you wont have to leave the room. 5 mins of sports talk can very easily transition into 30 minutes of whatever you want to talk about.
3.Before he goes out to the club/bar/what have you.... suck his dick. Thats right... suck his dick. Clubs are filled with good looking, half-dressed women. The best way to keep his mind off taking one of them home is to eliminate his sex drive before he leaves the house. 5 minutes of head could save 5 months of heartbreak.
4. If the man is in school and at the same time is handling his own rent/tuition/car/groceries/gas/ et cetera, do NOT constantly complain about not being taken out.... unless ur willing to handle your half of the bill.
5.Be available, but have a life. No man wants someone constantly underneath him...... be his girl, not his kid brother. Hobbies, friends, activities ANYTHING.... a better you will lead to a better relationship
6.Constantly giving him grief about that girl in his past will do one of two things, 80 percent of the time... A: Cause him to break up with you or B: Cause him to cheat on you with said girl. Express any insecurities you have, but dont keep busting his balls about the same shit.
7. Have a backbone. Being a pushover is the quickest way to help a guy lose interest.
8. As much as we like fucking, sex alone wont keep a guy around. Bring something else to the table: Humor, food, intellect.... Ass and tits catch the eye, but those things have staying power.