Friday, December 25, 2009



1.Dress sexy, not slutty. Regardless of how many guys you've actually slept with, perception is everything. No dude is gonna cuff a girl that may have been slayed by half the campus/workplace.
2.Become VERY knowledgable on at least one sport. That way, when a guy wants to watch ESPN(and he will), you wont have to leave the room. 5 mins of sports talk can very easily transition into 30 minutes of whatever you want to talk about.
3.Before he goes out to the club/bar/what have you.... suck his dick. Thats right... suck his dick. Clubs are filled with good looking, half-dressed women. The best way to keep his mind off taking one of them home is to eliminate his sex drive before he leaves the house. 5 minutes of head could save 5 months of heartbreak.
4. If the man is in school and at the same time is handling his own rent/tuition/car/groceries/gas/ et cetera, do NOT constantly complain about not being taken out.... unless ur willing to handle your half of the bill.
5.Be available, but have a life. No man wants someone constantly underneath him...... be his girl, not his kid brother. Hobbies, friends, activities ANYTHING.... a better you will lead to a better relationship
6.Constantly giving him grief about that girl in his past will do one of two things, 80 percent of the time... A: Cause him to break up with you or B: Cause him to cheat on you with said girl. Express any insecurities you have, but dont keep busting his balls about the same shit.
7. Have a backbone. Being a pushover is the quickest way to help a guy lose interest.
8. As much as we like fucking, sex alone wont keep a guy around. Bring something else to the table: Humor, food, intellect.... Ass and tits catch the eye, but those things have staying power.



  1. How does somebody come with stuff like this?! lol